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Fall Harvest Sheltie Canvas Fabric Decorative Pillow CK2633PW1216


Fall Harvest Sheltie Canvas Fabric Decorative Pillow CK2633PW1216 Pillow featuring breed specific Sheltie/Shetland Sheepdog artwork from our artists. Decorate for Fall with this Pillow. Celebrate Thanksgiving with this Pillow from Caroline's Treasures. Add color to your solid color outdoor patio furniture or outdoor seating area with our full color artwork outdoor pillows. Each pillow measures Approximately 12 inches by 16 inches and is measured from corner of pillow. 100% Polyester Fabric canvas pillow Sham with pillow form. This pillow is made from Caroline's Treasures new canvas type material and can be used indoors or outdoors. This fabric is coated on the back of the canvas to make it water resistant. These pillows are also Mildew resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant and Machine washable. These pillows are all made by hand and may vary slightly in size.
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SKU: CK2633PW1216
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