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Open a Shopify Store to use the Rescue Fundraiser App

Open a Shopify Store and install Rescue Fundraiser App to raise funds for your rescue
1.  Start a Free Trial to setup your Shopify Store
You can start a free 14 day trial.  This will give you plenty of time to get your site designed.
2.  Customize your theme by "Online Store" and selecting "Theme".
3.  Customize your theme by clicking on the "Visit Theme Store" near the bottom right part of the screen.  Browse through the themes that you would like to add your store.  There are quite a few FREE themes that are available.  We recommend these to get started.  Click on "Explore Themes" and you can search
for just the "Free" themes.  Select the "Free" under the price section of the themes.
We like the "Simple" theme.  You can select this theme by clicking on the "Add Theme"
change your Shopify Theme
You can now "Customize" the Simple Theme and make it active on your Shopify Store.  click on the "Customize Theme" to set this them up for your store.
Customize my theme for Rescue Fundraiser App by Caroline's Treasures
This part is generally very easy.  It varies from theme to theme but, they all have a lot of the same features.
Click on each section of your theme and put in the required information.
HEADER Section
  • Click on the Header and upload your logo. 
  • You can resize your logo by changing the logo width by increasing the number of pixels.
  • You can put an announcement bar on the top of your page.  Choose which pages you want the announcement to appear on.  Add a link to a donation page or say something about your rescue group event.  Use your imagination here and make it work for you.


  • Here you can add a menu for your collections of products.  This will allow you to set up a structure to sort and filter your products for your customers.


  • You will need to have started adding collections to make any changes here.  
  • Select the number of rows that you want to show from the featured collection.
  • Click on "Change" to change which collection that you see here.
    • You can add a collection for each Holiday and use this to promote upcoming Holiday Products.


Use this text to share information about your rescue with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

FOOTER Section

Use this section to add links to adoption pages, donation pages etc for your rescue.


Once you have customized your theme, it is now time for you to make it go active on your store.

  1. Go to the "Theme Library" section.
  2. Click on the "Actions" dropdown and select "Publish"

Your new theme is now published on your site.

You are now ready to update the setting for your store.  Click on the "Settings" at the bottom left of the main page of your store.

change the settings of your Shopify store

Go through each section and make the changes that you need for your store.

  • General
    • Change your email address here.
    • Enter your legal name, address etc
    • Select your time zone
    • Select the currency of your store
  • Payment Providers
    • You can activate your Shopify payments.  This will allow you to take credit cards from your customers and have them transferred to your bank account.  
    • You can set up several other payment methods here as well.
    • You have the option of "Automatically" or "Manually" capture the payment for your orders.
  • Checkout
    • Customize what your customers see at checkout
    • If you want to required customers to create accounts or if they can checkout as a guest.
    • You can allow customers to checkout with the mobile phone number and receive SMS notifications rather than emails.  
    • You can have your customers to opt in for emails from you in the future.  Check out the Shopify app store for apps that can help you promote items and events in your store.
  • Shipping
    • This is very important setting.  Once you have the Rescue Fundraiser App installed you will either include the price of shipping in your price or you will need to setup a shipping matrix here for your orders.


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